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A young church in the heart of Potters Bar that is passionate about people, passionate about Jesus

Our Story

We all want to be part of a loving community of people that cares about each other, but the sad reality is that in today's society this is often very hard to find. Many people in their search for meaning & purpose often find in their place rejection and judgement. 

Here at Templeway we dream of being a church that is passionate about Jesus. We totally believe that his life, his sacrifice and his teachings shows us what it really means to be called a Christian. Even if we're all standing in the middle of mess;  beyond our labels, our insecurities or the skeletons in our closets there is still hope of a new beginning and a loving God who is forgiving and merciful.


Join us at our Saturday gatherings:

Twice a month we gather as a community to connect with each other and remember the story we're all a part of. Templeway is a fresh, young church that is for you, your friends and family and so we place a lot of emphasis on being hospitable, creativity, music, worship, and encountering God's story through the scriptures.  So drop by and say hello. We can't wait to meet you.


Sept 14   1 pm

Sept  28   1 pm

Oct 12   1 pm

Oct 26 1 pm


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Love Potters Bar is an evening of music LIVE from Costa Coffee. Expect amazing tunes from some of the UK's young and talented upcoming artists and song writers with a good dose of laughter, stories, and that Costa goodness. It's also a great opportunity to meet local faces and support new music.


Food and people was important to Jesus not because it gave him an opportunity to teach stuff, but it allowed him an opportunity to recline, pause and hear people's stories. At templeway our Love Huddles meet up mid week in homes, coffee shops or even online. We share a meal, share our stories and enter into God's story. We have a pretty good time together doing that too.


Join a Team


Every week we have a  fine group of volunteers who make magic happen and help our guests to experience God in new ways. We are looking for people with a heart for serving our community here in Potters Bar. Giving your time, gifts and talents is a perfect way to contribute to church life and mission. So if that's you and you'd like to share in the vision for this community and beyond, then join one of our teams. GET IN TOUCH.




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